piezo-one™ P1-2 Barrel Saddle (Tele Ashtray)

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piezo-one™ Hi-Fidelity, Piezo-Acoustic, Gang Saddle for electric guitar. Direct replacement for barrel (tele) style saddles. Easy installation without drilling, routing, or creating any other damage to the instrument.

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Brenner piezo-one™ hybrid guitar conversion saddle kit for Tele bridges

piezo-one™ P1-2 gang saddle by Brenner Guitar Products. The P1-2 saddle replaces 3 barrel saddles on ashtray (4 mounting hole) bridges found on Fender Telecasters and clones having 2-1/8″ string spacing. Included are one wire guide, and one Switchcraft 1/4″ stereo jack as pictured. The guide neatly routes the wire through the bridgeplate along the outside of the the existing bridge pickup – no modification!

Brenner piezo-one™, piezo-acoustic gang-saddles are designed for a simple, reversible, non-destructive installation. Saddle tops are billet machined from aircraft quality aluminum for superior quality and unparalleled hi-fidelity acoustic tone. 100% machined and assembled in Milwaukee WI, USA.

In 2015, Brenner Guitar Products introduced our piezoelectric saddles for no-modification hybrid conversion of several popular electric guitar types. The Brenner piezo-one™ saddles feature two part housings that have overall compensation, and height adjustment screws for precise location. The saddles are precision machined to provide low action and proper string to string compensation for unwound “G” string sets. Our unique cantilevered string supports eliminate vertical surfaces in contact with both saddle and piezo transducer. The eliminated friction results in an acoustic tone that is unmatched in richness, and sound spectrum!

Unlike barrel type or individual saddles, piezo-one™ saddles stay in place and are not effected by playing forces – resulting in greater tuning stability, and accurate string to string spacing. Supporting structure and mass of the piezo-one™ provide greater sustain and energy transfer to existing pickups, and piezo elements.

-Replaces: 3 Barrel Saddles On TELE Ashtray Style (4 mounting hole) Bridges With 2-1/8″ String Spacing

-Improved Tuning Stability

-No Holes Through or Underneath the Bridge Plate

-Compatible With Fishman, Graphtech/Ghost, Schaller, LR Baggs and Other Preamps

-Right Handed

-Quality Switchcraft 1/4″ Stereo Jack Included

-Wire Guide Included

-Installation Guide Included

-Use It With Our New Outboard PIEZO-PRO Preamp / Splitter for Hybrid Guitar


Compensation Screw Spacing Between .843″-.865″ (2-1/8″ string spacing)

String Compensation (from back of bridgeplate) Approximately 7/8″ – High E String, 23/32″ – Low E String

* Standard stud length provides and additional 1/8″ of adjustment.

Brenner Guitar Products is in no way affiliated with Fender, Fishman, Graphtech/Ghost, Schaller, or LR Baggs. Strat, Tele, and Telecaster are trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.

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