piezo-one™ for strat style guitars

piezo-one™ for tele style guitars

piezo-pro-v pre-amp / splitter

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Brenner piezo-one™ saddles allow simple, reversible, no-modification installation to several popular electric guitar types.  They feature overall compensation and height adjustment screws for precise location.  The saddles are precision machined to provide the lowest action on necks ranging from 10″ through 14″ fretboard radii.  Piezo-one™ string to string compensation provides true tonal accuracy when using commonly incremented “unwound G” string sets.

Unlike individual saddles, piezo-one™ saddles stay in place and are not affected by playing forces.  The gang saddle configuration offers accurate string to string spacing, and greater tuning stability.  Gang structure also minimizes string energy loss through the bridge.   An increased energy transfer to magnetic and piezo pickups results in greater output and sound spectrum from both!

Piezo-one™ design features string supports that are machined for maximum sonic engagement with the piezo elements. This electro-mechanical arrangement produces a much stronger output and frequency response than conventional piezoelectric transducer saddles.  The saddles are compatible with all preamplifiers designed for piezo transducer use.  Saddles are 100% machined and assembled in Milwaukee WI, USA.

-Piezo-one Saddles Replace Individual Saddles On Your Guitar

-Improved Tuning Stability

-No Holes Required Through or Underneath Bridge Plate

-Compatible With Fishman, Graphtech/Ghost, Schaller, LR Baggs and Other Preamps

-Quality Rean/Neutrik 1/4″ Stereo Jack Included

-Installation Guide Included

-Use It With Our PIEZO-PRO-V Preamp / Splitter / Volume Control