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In 1977, Mark Brenner was a Tool & Die apprentice working in southeast Wisconsin. Soon after, he also became lead guitarist in a local band playing the Milwaukee club scene. A tradesman by day and musician by night, he began to merge talents. It was during this time that he developed a passion for hot-rodding stage guitars and building custom hardware.

Mark started Brenner Industries Inc. in 1999. The company offers die-sinking and engraving services to industries ranging from automotive to agricultural. Mark, Patty and their son Tyler, have combined their talents to earn the reputation, capabilities, and clients that are exclusive to the company today.

A recent reunion with old band mates reignited Mark’s passion for modifying guitars. In 2015, Mark and Tyler launched the Brenner Guitar Products division to market their company’s musical developments. They are now making precision guitar parts on the same equipment they’re using to manufacture mold and die components!

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